Best Trucks For Construction and Builders

Builders and Construction workers often spend a lot of thought on their working vehicle. We know builders using all sorts of different vehicles and it can depend on the type of construction industry they are in to their choice of vehicle.

The main factors that are taken into consideration in purchasing a vehicle suitable for construction are load size, off road capability, speed, reliability, safety (For Storing tools) and looks!

See below for the most common types of trucks and vehicles used in the building game.

Standard pickup

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Our good friends at Cornwall Builders Falmouth ( have always opted for a pickup style vehicle. James the Director and project manager gives his reasons for using them: “Pick ups offer a very quick way and easy access for picking up and dropping off materials, they offer great road driving as well so you are still comfortable doing long distances. The speed of the vehicle is similar to a normal car so you have a vehicle of carrying a couple of tonne load but still with good handing and visibility.”

Pickup with Altered body

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All the team in the office were PMSL with this picture we just had to put it in here! Here we have a builder who want to have a pickup whilst keeping the rain out and making it more secure by putting on a cover

Standard Transit Van

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The transit van is a firm favourite for industry it offers the ultimate security for workers and businesses who carry a lot of tools and high valued materials and may be left on a road or near a building site overnight.

SUV or 4×4

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Some building sites are off the beaten track and suffer from poor weather and driving conditions. A lot of firms are using a 4×4 so that they have no problems getting to the job.

Estate Van/Car

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This is for the sole trader who wants a vehicle that can carry tools and materials but offer a slightly easier drive and better on the budget. They offer a very affordable way of traveling around work sites