Truck maintenence

If you look at your truck every day, you should know that something is wrong with it when you lift up the hood, with just a visual look. You should check the front and the back of your truck every day. You can do alot for it by doing that. Some say that by doing that, you can increase the life of your engine by 40%.

Maintenence schedual

First of all you should check your oil, filters, and everything that you can see visually. If you don’t change your oil, you will have engine problems, and not changing filters will cause loss of power. That will cost you around 60$, and not doing that will probably cost you a couple of thousands. That is something that you can do on your own. The main thing about it is that it doesn’t cost much, but it can do much. If you are a truck driver, that is the best thing you can do for you and your truck. Also, driving it nicely can also save your engine, and save your whole truck in general, because forcing it can cause overheating, and lots of other unnecessary things.

Going to mechanic

Sometimes you can’t fix all of your problems on your own. You need to go to mechanic at least once a month, just to check everything. Big problems that trucks have are brakes. Checking your breaks is really important, and if you don’t do that, it can get dangerous on te road. He can also check your DCL and antifreeze. Those are very important in your truck, and people don’t check their DCL level often, but when they do, it’s critical. That can cause huge problems. Air filters are also something to not forget about, and if you drive in places with a lot of sand and dust, you need to change your air filter more often. Also, every now and then you should ask your mechanic to check your belts, check if there are any cracks on them. Those are some of the most important things to check on your truck every now and then.


Take care of your wheels

Of course without wheels, you can’t do much. They are really important, because of your safety, and because of the speed that you can reach. We all know that truckers go on bumpy ways sometimes, and there, they can toss their tire. After every stop, you should check them, see it there is any hols in them, and after that, you are ready to ride.

Auto garage

We can’t imagine our lives without cars. People drive them every day, wherever they go, to work, to shop, to a restaurant, just everywhere. Studies show that there are around 1 bilion cars on our planet, which is one astonishing fact. Of course, there are people that need to take care about them, and those people are auto mechanics.

Auto mechanics: Who are they?

Those are people that dedicated their lives to studying and learning about cars, and if you think that being one is easy, you are wrong. Working every day in dust and oil is everything but easy. Often, they injure themselves, because being underneath a car, almost whole day, can cause a lot of little cuts, swelling and pain. But, they are always happy, and I never saw a sad mechanic. They enjoy their job, and they do it with a full passion. The garage is their home, and place where they spend most of their time. Almost every mechanic has its own one, just to work on his own car.

Auto garage: The dream of every man.

That is a place where every car has to go to, every now and then. It doesn’t matter if you want to fix your car or upgrade it, it is just a pleasure to go there sometimes. Auto garage is a dirty place, full of love for cars. It is loud in there, because of all hard work that they put in those cars. Sometimes you can step into a puddle of oil, but that shouldn’t bother you, because people that work there are covered in that throughout the whole day. Every car in there has its own story, and if you listen closely, you can hear some of the craziest ones from people that work there. Teamwork is one of the most beautiful things in one auto garage. Watching them working together, and solving problems on cars, is a really cool experience.

How to open your own one?

If you really like cars, and you know a lot about them, you should open your own auto garage. It doesn’t take much. You just need a little garage, where you can do your job, buy some tools that you need, put some love in it, and there you have it. Start working on your own car first, go to your local auto garage, watch, listen, and learn. If you love this job, you can very easily become a great mechanic. Every beginning is difficult, but if you put some effort in it, everything is possible.